Alyssa & Ryan | 7.15.16

Alyssa and Ryan's wedding was set to a classic backdrop of giant willow trees, suits of armor, and the stone frame of Whitby Castle. All of the details came together to make their wedding feel truly timeless. This was our second chance to party with the bride's family, after photographing her brother's wedding last year; and it won't be the last -- in a few months we will be capturing her sister's big day as well. They always make us feel like part of the family and we've had a blast hanging out with such a fun group. So until next time, here's to Alyssa and Ryan and their happily ever after. 

Natalie & Hostos | 7.9.16

Natalie and Hostos's wedding had that kind of vibrancy that you can only get in Brooklyn. This was the first wedding that I have shot without my wife, as she was at home tending to our brand new baby girl. Luckily, Natalie and Hostos welcomed my friend and second shooter, Tony (Bees Knees Photography) and me into their family with such ease that we were really able to cut loose creatively and let ourselves be inspired by the people and the dynamic setting that is Brooklyn. We loved capturing all of the unique things about this wedding - instead of a cake, there was an ice cream truck; the best man was a best woman; the speeches were given in both English and Spanish; and at the corner of Union and Bond, festivities rumbled on into the night with a puff of cigar smoke and the sound of taxis roaring past.  --m

Lora & Bill | 1.9.16

Philadelphia has always been a home away from home for me. It's where I went to college and met a lot of lifelong friends, and the city was the perfect backdrop for Lora and Bill's homey and intimate wedding. The rare warm winter weather brought a foggy night that dampened the rich textures around us. Lora and Bill put so much care and thought into every part of the day, from their doughnut cake to the homemade details they brought into their unique photography studio venue. It was a perfect chance to bring our love of weddings, dogs, and Philly together.  --m