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About us

We are Mark + Jess and we are so glad you made it here.

We became wedding photographers by accident. Our friends asked us to shoot their wedding video in 2012, and as a result we started to get more requests for both video and photography, from both friends and strangers. We worked on our business and established ourselves with headquarters outside of New York City (though we will happily travel anywhere in the wide world to capture your wedding day). 

Our style of photography is documentary rather than traditional. We like to blend into the background and capture the moments that are really happening. The less scripted, the better. We'll go over every detail with you before the big day, but we like to operate by the notion that events will take their own shape and we are there to capture those real moments. Great composition, lighting, and posing are wonderful things - but true emotion is what we're after first and foremost.

A little bit about us: We've been married since 2013 (so yes, we know all the joys and pains of planning a wedding from scratch); we love to cook, travel, hang out with animals, enjoy the outdoors, make silly faces with our little girl, and of course, photograph everything.

The best parts of being wedding photographers are the clients who become friends and the joy we get from turning what we love doing into real, tangible memories for you to look back on in a year, ten years, eighty years from now; our hope is that you'll go back and visit those memories from time to time, and feel how wonderful they are.

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Tatiana + Ryan  (View their photos)

"Mark + Jess are exactly who you want to be part of your day. I had the pleasure of meeting them through family, so we knew early on they would become a part of ours. They captured our day the way any bride + groom would want- friendly, artistically and professionally. They knew how to create images that would last a lifetime. It has been humbling and such a pleasure to watch them capture co-workers AND their families- because everyone Mark + Jess photograph can't help but scream them to the rooftops of wedding planning. I am forever happy to be a part of THEIR story."

Megan + Bruce  (View their photos)

"Working with Mark Martucci Photography has been such a pleasure from our first meeting right up to our final edits. Mark and Jess have an infectious energy and a truly magical perspective from a photo lens. It was a blessing to have Mark and Jess taking our photos the day of our wedding. Mark and Jess canvased our venue for the perfect shot locations which translated into amazing photographs. I highly recommend using Mark Martucci Photo. You will have the most amazing memories from your photo album and you will also spend the day with wonderful people."


Meg + Dave  (Watch their video)

"When the day of your wedding actually comes, you will likely have spent more time planning it than anything else you've ever done. Documenting it, in a way that captures all the excitement and emotion of the day, is not an easy thing, which makes what Mark & Jess do even more remarkable. The video they created encapsulates all the joy and fun of the day in a way that I never thought was possible. There are probably a million little things any given person might change about planning and executing their event but getting Mark & Jess to document it is the easiest, most painless thing you could check off your list. Would do it again, a thousand times over."


 Phil + Lauren  (Watch their video)

"It’s funny.  We never planned on having a video of our wedding.  It wasn’t until two days before that Lauren’s mom asked us if anyone would be videotaping the ceremony.  After all the work we’d put in, I suddenly felt this pang at knowing that some of these beautiful moments we’d worked so hard to create weren’t going to be captured on video.  However, it was too late, and it would be fine and I’d come to terms with it. The next day, Lauren’s brother-in-law Justin let us know that he’d asked his friends  Mark and Jess and they were willing to drive down at the last minute from New Jersey to film the wedding.  After we picked our jaws up off the floor, we said “Yes yes yes!” Thinking back on why we didn’t originally plan for a videographer, I remember feeling like couples got too caught up in making their event filmable rather than making the event what it is.  I didn’t want our wedding to be a video or photo shoot - I wanted it to be a wedding.  However, with all the craziness going on before the wedding, I didn’t even have time to think about what kind of an impact a videographer would have on our day. Here’s the crazy part: there was no impact at all.  I barely remember seeing Mark or Jess all night - they blended right in and captured the most amazing candid moments, without me even knowing they were there.  It was so beyond what I’d ever dreamed of or expected.  It was perfect. A huge thank you is due to Mark and Jess who pretty much dropped everything, drove several hours, and gave us this perfect gift."


Siobhan + Chris  (Watch their video)

"The cinematography provided by Mark and Jess is some of the best out there right now. We hired them very close to our wedding date and we could not be happier that we made that decision. While many couples do not choose videography as a priority for their wedding, regardless of whether they think they will receive "dated" results or that it's just an unnecessary expense, I could not recommend it more, especially when dealing with Mark Martucci Photo. They provide competitive rates, stellar and exceptional service, and an amazing quality video you will cherish for years to come. They are both incredibly flexible with time, plans, and amazing creative details. Their vision and editing style will take your breath away and truly make for an enhanced keepsake of the day beyond what photographs will provide. I urge any couple to consider videography for their event, and if you do, go with Mark and Jess."


Emma + Ben  (Watch their video)

"Mark’s wedding videos completely disproved all of my prior notions about wedding videography. After meeting with Mark and Jess to discuss the schedule we knew we had made the right choice. They were friendly and personable, had creative ideas, and got excited over details of the wedding. On the day of the wedding they came early and stayed late, they were inconspicuous and professional. Our wedding video is so original and beautiful, I was blown away! I don’t know how Mark and Jess were able to capture all of the best moments of our wedding, but they did! The little details were what made the video so special; the music choices and timing, the use of light and color, the creative use of our initials in stop-motion, all speak to Mark’s talent as a filmmaker. They will capture all of the silly and sweet moments you would otherwise not remember and put them together in a way you could never imagine! If you asked me before the wedding if I was planning to have a stop-motion sea monster in my video I would have thought you were crazy, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way!"