Sarah & Bryan | 10.21.18

Sarah and Bryan’s wedding took place on the shores of Lake Mohawk. It was one of those cold and sunny October days. The small and intimate bridal parties quietly helped the bride and groom get ready for their late fall marriage. The atmosphere would later be transformed with napkin hats and inflatable guitars. Jess watched another old friend get married, and the story goes on… —m+j

Heather & Ryan | 10.19.18

Heather and Ryan’s wedding was painted with lush fall colors. You could smell the fires burning inside the centuries old stone buildings. There was a deep sense of history in the landscape and the generations of family that would come together to celebrate the bride and groom. We always love ceremonies surrounded by nature. There were even a few groundhogs in attendance. A perfect October day. —m

Dana & Marc | 9.29.18

Dana and Marc’s wedding was the classic New York event at the beautiful botanical gardens in the Bronx. Their intimate ceremony was officiated by the groom’s dad, and the bride and groom even shared a “unity cocktail” before they said their I do’s — a first even for us! Their modern bridal style, great taste in music (dancing for the first time to Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon,”) and the out-of-this world delicious food made for an all-around good time had by all. Their sense of humor carried everyone through the day, and we had so much fun being a part of it. —j

Arbor 19 | 12.22.18

For 19 years some friends of mine have been putting on a Christmas show in their local town in South Jersey. Like the grinch’s heart, it’s grown bigger and bigger along with all the families involved. There have been a bunch of musicians involved in making the musical compilation that accompanies the show every year. I have been lucky enough to count myself among them. That’s an average of 15 original Christmas songs every year for 19 years. This year also saw the introduction of “Gifty” the Arbor mascot. With no signs of stopping, I came along to document it this year. It’s like a big family party where the kids gets up and show off the talents that they’ve acquired over the past year… and they are some talented kids. —m

Hear all the comps here. You can search for Arbor Christmas on Spotify as well.