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Arbor 19 | 12.22.18

For 19 years some friends of mine have been putting on a Christmas show in their local town in South Jersey. Like the grinch’s heart, it’s grown bigger and bigger along with all the families involved. There have been a bunch of musicians involved in making the musical compilation that accompanies the show every year. I have been lucky enough to count myself among them. That’s an average of 15 original Christmas songs every year for 19 years. This year also saw the introduction of “Gifty” the Arbor mascot. With no signs of stopping, I came along to document it this year. It’s like a big family party where the kids gets up and show off the talents that they’ve acquired over the past year… and they are some talented kids. —m

Hear all the comps here. You can search for Arbor Christmas on Spotify as well.

Sam & Meredith | 9.22.18

Sam and Meredith came to us through old friends. We really got to explore their venue, from the dim attic to the freshly cut pile of logs on the grounds. We love it when the bride and groom are up for anything! The floors shook as friends and family took the Horah into full swing, literally. We thought a few would fly off at the speeds they were moving. The sun set on a beautiful night, and the heartfelt speeches brought it all home. —m

Gabbie & Dave | 11.23.17

I opted out of my photographer duties and let Mark shoot solo so I could be a part of my good friend Gabbie's wedding. We traveled to Florida over Thanksgiving last year and watched her marry Dave in the backyard of her parents' house (so sweet!). We had a few days of gorgeous weather and when the wedding day came, we were greeted with torrential rain and a tornado warning (!), but everyone was all smiles regardless. These two were troopers and got a little wet but all in all the day was a total success. Sometimes I think how weird it is that I've known this girl for 10+ years; we used to share a tiny Manhattan apartment and belt out 'Newsies' songs while eating takeout during our college years. I'm so grateful for these long-lasting friendships, and so happy to have been a part of one of the most important days of Gabbie's life. xoxo -- j

Kara & PJ | 11.17.17

I think at this point Jess and I might be honorary McDonalds. Kara is the fourth sibling of the McDonald clan we've had the pleasure to shoot. Each of their weddings has been unique and Kara and PJ's was no exception. It was a cold, clear day in November with the Manhattan skyline as our backdrop. These two were troopers, even in the freezing cold! I think their classic taste is evident throughout these photos. As the last sibling to get married, this may be bittersweet, but I have a feeling we'll see all these familiar faces soon enough.  --m