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Sarah & Bryan | 10.21.18

Sarah and Bryan’s wedding took place on the shores of Lake Mohawk. It was one of those cold and sunny October days. The small and intimate bridal parties quietly helped the bride and groom get ready for their late fall marriage. The atmosphere would later be transformed with napkin hats and inflatable guitars. Jess watched another old friend get married, and the story goes on… —m+j

Heather & Ryan | 10.19.18

Heather and Ryan’s wedding was painted with lush fall colors. You could smell the fires burning inside the centuries old stone buildings. There was a deep sense of history in the landscape and the generations of family that would come together to celebrate the bride and groom. We always love ceremonies surrounded by nature. There were even a few groundhogs in attendance. A perfect October day. —m

Kim & Matt | 8.19.16

Since we started doing wedding photography a few years ago, I never expected that it would reconnect me with so many old friends -- but that has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of it for me. Kim and I went to high school together and it was so much fun to get back in touch and to see her so happy on her wedding day. Mark and I loved making these images, and the Sussex County Fairgrounds gave us so much rustic character to work with. The perfect end to our summer wedding season. --j

Ramps: How to find, clean, and pickle them.

Spring is here! And so are the wild ramps, one of the edible delicacies sought after by foragers and chefs alike. You can either pay exorbitant prices for them at farmer's markets, or you can put your boots on and find them in the woods yourself.  Watch our new video to find out how to find them, clean them, and pickle them!

Recipe for pickled ramps:
8 oz. trimmed ramps (greens removed)
2 dried chipotles (or red chilies)
2 bay leaves
2 tsp. fennel seeds
1 tsp. black peppercorns

Pack the above ingredients into a 1 pint mason jar.

Bring 1 cup white wine vinegar, 1 cup water, ½ cup sugar, and 1 Tbsp of kosher salt to boil in medium saucepan. Stir to dissolve.

Pour the hot liquid over the ramps in the mason jar. Seal with lid. Let cool, then chill.

The ramps will keep for 2 weeks.