Kara & PJ | 11.17.17

I think at this point Jess and I might be honorary McDonalds. Kara is the fourth sibling of the McDonald clan we've had the pleasure to shoot. Each of their weddings has been unique and Kara and PJ's was no exception. It was a cold, clear day in November with the Manhattan skyline as our backdrop. These two were troopers, even in the freezing cold! I think their classic taste is evident throughout these photos. As the last sibling to get married, this may be bittersweet, but I have a feeling we'll see all these familiar faces soon enough.  --m

Nikki & Dan | 11.11.17

Nikki and Dan's wedding took place on a cold November day in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, just around the corner from the charming apartment they call home. We got to meet their sweet kitty, play some antique instruments, witness a truly intimate ceremony, and use the city as our backdrop for it all. It was simple, local, true to them, and full of lots of love.   --j

Andrea & Tommy | 10.1.17

This autumn has been full of weddings that have reconnected us with old friends. Andrea and I were inseparable in our middle school years, and when we went to different high schools, we lost touch and hadn't seen each other since we were practically pre-teens. It was so special for me to be there on her wedding day, to meet her 3-year-old daughter (how are we moms now?!), and it made me so happy to see the new little family that she's made. Tommy's sense of humor literally carried everyone through the day. Wishing these THREE so much love and happiness to come. --j

Sam & Ashley | 9.23.17

Ashley was kind of like my other little sister growing up. I was (and still am) best friends with her older sister, Heather, and we all spent a lot of time together in our teenage years, from sleepovers at their house on the weekends to trips to Florida to stay with their grandparents and lounge on the beach slathered in SPF4. It made me so happy to see Ashley find her match in Sam, an unbelievably kind, wonderful guy who is obviously so in love with her. They had a perfect day for their beach wedding, and their wedding felt like a true celebration of the joining of two families. --j