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Kara & PJ | 11.17.17

I think at this point Jess and I might be honorary McDonalds. Kara is the fourth sibling of the McDonald clan we've had the pleasure to shoot. Each of their weddings has been unique and Kara and PJ's was no exception. It was a cold, clear day in November with the Manhattan skyline as our backdrop. These two were troopers, even in the freezing cold! I think their classic taste is evident throughout these photos. As the last sibling to get married, this may be bittersweet, but I have a feeling we'll see all these familiar faces soon enough.  --m

Nikki & Dan | 11.11.17

Nikki and Dan's wedding took place on a cold November day in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, just around the corner from the charming apartment they call home. We got to meet their sweet kitty, play some antique instruments, witness a truly intimate ceremony, and use the city as our backdrop for it all. It was simple, local, true to them, and full of lots of love.   --j

Sam & Ashley | 9.23.17

Ashley was kind of like my other little sister growing up. I was (and still am) best friends with her older sister, Heather, and we all spent a lot of time together in our teenage years, from sleepovers at their house on the weekends to trips to Florida to stay with their grandparents and lounge on the beach slathered in SPF4. It made me so happy to see Ashley find her match in Sam, an unbelievably kind, wonderful guy who is obviously so in love with her. They had a perfect day for their beach wedding, and their wedding felt like a true celebration of the joining of two families. --j

Kristen & Dan | 7.21.17

Kristen and Dan's wedding took place at Mark Twain's former estate on the banks of the Hudson River. Alongside friends and family (and their bulldog Zoey), the bride and groom said their vows as the sun sank into the river. We got treated to a gorgeous end-of-summer sunset (which, of course, we took full advantage of). It was a historic night in a historic place. We love ending our summer weddings in this little corner of the world.  --m

We Lived Inside a Dream - New Twin Peaks short film

I've been waiting way more than half my life for this coming Sunday. My favorite show, or should I say, my favorite thing ever filmed, is coming back. Laura Palmer's ominous line from the original show, "I'll see you again in 25 years," is coming true almost right on time.

Last year I made 3 videos to help the effort to "Save Twin Peaks" and bring the creator, David Lynch, back on board to direct all the episodes. Whether my contribution helped or not, Lynch signed on to direct all 18 episodes with the budget he thought was necessary to bring this iconic show back to the small screen.

With the anticipation growing for the new episodes to come out I started to feel that pull again. The creative urge didn't care that I had a new daughter and double the responsibilities that I had when I made the original trilogy of short films last year. With my wife's endless help, and much less sleep than usual, I started work on a 4th short film entitled, "We Lived Inside a Dream": the words spoken by the late/great David Bowie in Fire Walk with Me.

So sit back, turn your speakers up, and delve in a little deeper... into my favorite word... Twin Peaks. New episodes on Showtime starting this Sunday at 9.

Here are the original Save Twin Peaks videos:

Save Twin Peaks:

It is Happening Again:

Save the One you Love: