Catskills Fall 2016

We took Mira to the Catskills for her first trip. A long weekend in the woods. Campfires every night, foggy mornings, and sunny afternoons. We always feel at home in the forest, surrounded by the thick leaved trees just beginning to turn. It feels like the 60's here. Watching the Gandalfs of the world returning home. Visiting the Big Pink where The Band and Dylan laid it down. This is where Mira learned to laugh. Until the next adventure...  --m

Backpacking in Desolation Wilderness

Every once in awhile you can really feel life in the moment. Knowing you're making memories that will stay with you until the end. The camping trip that I took last month with three of my closest friends was one of those experiences. After a flight cross country to my old stomping grounds in Santa Cruz, CA I found myself in an early morning car ride towards the Nevada border, en route to Desolation Wilderness. No wives or girlfriends... just 4 old friends carrying everything on our backs into the middle of nowhere.

Ancient sun-bleached trees and mountains of granite for as far as the eye could see. Perfect weather and deep saturated sunsets. The way rainbow trout tastes straight out of the water and into our cooking pot.

Here's to good friends and never forgetting what it feels like to be wild. --m

Iceland July 2015: Westfjords and on...

Anyone who’s been to Iceland before knows that it calls you back. A year later, almost to the day, Jess and I found ourselves back on a flight across the Atlantic to one of our favorite places on Earth. For this trip we decided to be a bit more adventurous and spend some time in the less traveled Westfjords region. Being slightly more seasoned in all things Iceland we knew how to pack for all weather possibilities. We lucked out this time around and actually got some sun, although I found myself missing the dark ominous clouds that look so fantastic in photographs. Before setting out we settled on a few simple goals: Have an adventure, and see an arctic fox… both of which were met.
Iceland always delivers. Its beauty and mystery are unmatched. We leave little pieces of ourselves there each time in hopes of going back and finding them. Until next time…

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View photos and video from our first trip here.

National Geographic 2015 Photo Contest

Our photo of the fire behind Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik, Iceland is in the running for this year's National Geographic Photo Contest! This contest is based on how the photo is trending. So be sure to visit the site to favorite and discuss the photo! (You can login securely with facebook.)

You can view the photo here:

Jess and I will be traveling back to Iceland in a little over a week! More new images to come.  --m